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Nov. 19th, 2009

We adopted another cat this weekend! I have been begging for months for another cat - I felt like our big cat needed a little buddy, especially because we're both going to be spending a lot less time at home in the next couple months. John finally gave in on Saturday, and on Sunday my nan and I went and picked out a new baby at an adoption day. Nan was awesome and paid the adoption fee because we are poor...

We got a little baby who was born feral. She's AMAZING - a little tiny tortoiseshell with markings on her face that make her look like a chipmunk. She's much more of a lapkitty than our older girl, which is nice. Tallulah (older kitty) has finally decided that the little interloper is copacetic....although I think it's going to be a while before I leave them alone together because Lulu is so much bigger than Mia. I don't want her to get to get bullied.

Kitties are AWESOME. But law school is still TERRIBLE.
I retract my most recent entry...I think I've just landed my dream job. Or at least gotten my foot in the door. I really should have learned to ask for help YEARS ago. Someday it will get through my thick skull that I cannot do everything all by myself.

Sep. 15th, 2009

I am



Does anyone want to give me a job?
I'm pretty sure that whoever organized the process of applying for judicial clerkships was trying to figure out the best way to make students have complete and total meltdowns. My apps have been done for, um, about a month or so, but because of the "JUDICIAL CONFERENCE GUIDELINES ON HIRING LAW CLERKS" they only went out this morning. I was sitting in the global law review office this morning at about 8:45 when I suddenly realized that the app release was at 9am. So I said to my fellow clerkship applicant Liz, "Oh my God, we go live in 15 minutes," at which point the two of us sort of did a stressed-out dance around the office and reached for our phones, waiting for phone calls that CAN'T COME UNTIL MONDAY MORNING AT 8AM CENTRAL TIME. Seriously - that's the first contact allowed. I kid you not. So I know that someone is probably laughing at my applications RIGHT NOW, but on the off chance that a judge actually wants to interview me, I have to wait until Friday to find out. I have this hard little knob of anxiety in my stomach at the moment; it's not that different from the usual knot I've had since I started law school, just a little more desperate. Ice cream does not help with said knot, nor does playing the Sims instead of doing my EU law reading. I just want John to come home. But he is at school learning amazing things and the cat doesn't want to comfort me, she wants to bite my shin. Which, I suppose, is fair enough, as she can probably sense the hysteria and wants no part of it. On the positive side, if I do get some interviews, I will probably get to come to Atlanta for a few days, which I have not done since graduation...eek. I will have to readjust to driving there, because St. Louis isn't even close - my 18 mile morning commute takes me a paltry 35 minutes.
It is blisteringly hot in Charleston today. It was really bad earlier in the week with the 110 degree heat indexes. I actually missed St. Louis for a short period of time, until the temperature there decided to skyrocket as well. Eh. I am currently having a meltdown about my clerkship applications - career services conveniently didn't mention that when they said that some judges hire earlier than the hiring plan indicates, they meant three months earlier. Now I'm scrambling because two of the judges I really want to work for start interviewing um, next week. Kind of a bummer, because I don't think I'm going to get everything together in time. Eh. That job with the 11th Circuit in Atlanta is looking more and more attractive. I just want to get out of school and get a damn job so we can buy a house and have weekends off and just be normal. Sigh.
I have just discovered mochi ice cream. How did I not know about this amazing-ness? I have to stop eating them. It's ridiculous how good they are. mmmmmm.
Wooooo...I am going to be published! In a grown-up, real-thing academic journal. And I actually had to choose where to publish, because I got two offers.

Things that have gone well this spring:

- Got a job offer from US Attorney's Office, Southern District of Illinois (declined)
- Got a job offer from 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office in Charleston, SC (accepted)
- Elected Executive Notes Editor of the Global Studies Law Journal
- Article picked up for publication by GSLR AND (eep!) Cambridge Student Law Review
- Got second chance to work for US Attorney next spring


Feb. 3rd, 2009

I heart my school as much as one can heart law school. I got really good news on my grades (which were the best I've gotten since I started law school; Dean's List and everything) which was tempered by the fact that John's salary has been halved and we're having some serious concerns about paying for things. We're going to have to take on the landlord tomorrow. I don't know what's going to happen there. Fingers crossed that they let us out of our lease without slamming our credit rating. Sigh.

Jan. 20th, 2009

Dude. Michelle O needs a stylist. The woman cannot dress.

Dec. 1st, 2008

They're going to put my dog to sleep tomorrow. He apparently has some sort of inoperable cancer that was diagnosed this morning. I've cried and cried, and now I just feel numb. This comes hard on the heels of my little cat falling 15-20 from the second floor of our apartment and busting her face open and terrifying us for 24 hours while the vet tried to figure out if there was anything wrong (there wasn't). I get so attached to animals; I wonder if we should have any more after Tallulah. I don't know if I could deal with it. I am completely devastated at the moment.

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